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S.NPublished DateModule Name/ ViewDescriptionVersionVideo Tutorial
1 Nov-26-2018 HIPA Online Training Application Process in Manav Sampada HIPA Online Training Application Process in Manav Sampada 1 View Video
2 Jul-04-2018 Departmental IT Activities Departments can add or modify project’s (IT) parameters values 1
3 May-11-2018 eTour How to apply for online tour 2 View Video
4 Apr-09-2018 Transfer How to Create online Transfer Orders 1 View Video
5 Feb-07-2018 View eService book Check your PMIS ID and eservice book Data. 1 View Video
6 Jan-07-2018 Employee Registration How to register new Employee and assign Password to them. 1 View Video
7 Jan-04-2018 Online Grievance Send Grievance Department Employees. 1 View Video
8 Jan-02-2018 Assign Role and Reset Password Assign Role to Employee,and password reset by department admin 1 View Video
9 Nov-20-2017 Pension Order(sanction) Leave Encashment & Gratuity orders 1
10 Oct-10-2017 Annual Property Return Annual Property Return 1
11 Sep-22-2017 Pension Some modifications in the previous module updated as on 1st Aug 2017. 3
12 Aug-01-2017 Pension Added new pension module related to employee death, and minor changes in the existing Pension Part 2
13 Apr-22-2017 Employee Dashboard A new look for Employee's Personal Information, Salary Details and Pension Details.Employee's brief details in one place. 2
14 Mar-21-2017 Trace Employee Trace Employee Details.(Only For Data Entry Operator) 1
15 Feb-23-2017 Employee Dashboard Dashboard (Pension Related Papers) 1
16 Feb-18-2017 Delete Online Order Only For Department Admin. Delete Online Order(s) generated within last two days Only. 1
17 Feb-07-2017 Dashboard Dashboard Design Changed. 1
18 Jan-23-2017 Notification Notifications of Departments which are to be shown on Home Page.(Only For Department Admin) 1
19 Jan-03-2017 Joining And Relieving Manual Aid for Employee Joining /Relieving 1
20 Dec-20-2016 Pension Creates Reports for Pension ,Calculation Sheet and Departmental Sheet. 1
21 Nov-18-2016 eTour Apply Online Tour and Tour Reports 1
22 Oct-28-2016 Online Leave Apply Online Leave and Leave Reports 1 View Video